Content creation

Produce the content your target is really looking for!

Brands have become media in their own right. To enhance your brand, stand out from your competition and engage your target, create quality content that is especially adapted to your target!

In addition to reinforcing your image, the creation of attractive content is a strong lever of natural referencing that favors the generation of leads and business.

Our vision of marketing content creation
Writing is within everyone’s reach, producing targeted, relevant and optimized content is much less so!

If it is a lever for acquiring notoriety, traffic and profitable business, content creation must meet certain requirements and follow a strategy adapted to a context. Writing or designing content without thinking about the context, the audience or its objectives exposes you to a waste of time and money. We always assume that your brand is unique, so your content strategy should be too. We are not afraid of the blank sheet of paper syndrome, rather, it encourages us to open up to new opportunities specific to your sector, your communication or your positioning!


At RGI, we do everything possible to make your project a success: whether it is for a visual identity project with the creation of a logotype, a graphic universe and a graphic charter, a printed communication with a poster campaign, a brochure or a digital need, with the redesign or creation of a showcase or e-commerce site.

Each project has its importance, its objectives and has a precise goal and we have the will to bring to our customers our know-how to solve their problem of communication, or to reinforce their notoriety.


Whether it is for your internal projects or for your external communication, the drawn video remains the best way to convey ideas, transmit messages, explain processes, highlight a product or the values of your company, with simplicity and above all efficiency.

To do this, we work with more than 250 hand-picked artists and specialists in the various techniques we offer. Our creation process is extremely well oiled, with years of experience behind us and more than 3000 videos successfully produced.

For your cartoon and animated videos, we will help you find the technique that best suits your needs.


We advise you in your artistic or operational choices, to stick to your specifications and obtain a unique visual signature.

We can take care of your entire project (styling, model casting, makeup, location and location, decor).

We commit ourselves to a serious and professional project management, attentive to details for a serene customer relationship.

Creativity, professionalism, competence, reactivity… the RGI team will meet your expectations!


We offer 3 types of presetation for the creation of video:


Corporate film

It allows you to gain notoriety, to promote the values of your company, your know-how and the competence of your employees through a video. The corporate film is the ideal tool to broadcast an attractive content with a real impact, both on an internal and external audience. Like a storytelling, you can present your company and enhance your image. It is an excellent tool for your employer brand because it will allow you to show all the facets that make you stand out from your competitors.

Our team of professional videographers will help you design and produce your video interview, your event or your corporate film!

Video content

To communicate with your community about your new products or services, thanks to the rise of social networks (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest) that have changed the communication media and with them companies and advertisers. Video is now at the heart of brands’ digital marketing strategies, and video content has become indispensable, thanks to its dynamism and visual character, to spread a message to your community.

Fun and amusing for its audience, the video allows to anchor in the minds the DNA of your brand, notably thanks to a qualitative and dynamic editing and thanks to strong visual and sound elements. RGI takes care of the production and realization of your advertising videos and your web and social network content.

Event video reportage

It will highlight your most beautiful events (Team Building, seminar, commercial operation, convention, party, birthday) and keep them in memory. The event video report allows you to reconstruct your events (atmosphere, guests, places, animations, culinary aspect), to share the success with your teams, your collaborators, your partners and/or your customers.

Our agency of professional videographers takes care of collecting the most intense moments of the event (making off, back stage, micro trottoir and interview of the participants and speakers, animations, festive images) to make an event video report at the height of your hopes! Our team produces teasers and video reports of your events in all the Emirates and in France.